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Not all process servers are created equal. Some companies make exaggerated claims and quote low-ball fees just to get your business.  At Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services, we defy the process norms. Our goal is not just service but UNCHALLENGABLE SERVICE.  If your Defendant or Witness must be located, and personally served, WE ARE THE PROCESS COMPANY YOU WANT. All serves are body cammed, GPS & Time Stamped. Whenever possible signature of the Witness or Defendant is requested to memorialize the serve. All service quotes cover initial Service Attempts, 10 Pages of Printing, Return or Proof of Service, as well as Notarized Affidavit of Service. Additional services that may become necessary will be requested by our staff via phone followed up with an email for authorization.  We are court-approved by the General Sessions Court of Knox County, Tennessee. We are vetted, insured and bonded to provide our clients unparalleled execution of Service no matter the jurisdiction in Tennessee.  






At Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services retain only the BEST partners in court reporting and videography to memorialize your deponent's testimony. We can provide you a set address for your depositions.  Roomy, comfortable conference rooms to conduct your proceedings. We follow all CDC Covid-19 recommendations of social distancing and safety. We also provide Tennessee State notaries to swear in your deponent both in person or remotely. 


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Court Filings and Record Retrievals have never been easier.  Simply submit your request by phone, email your case over to us at along with jurisdiction, and court,and we will get your case entered into the docket, file stamped, Summons or Subpoenas Issued, and then scanned over to you. Once your Scan is complete, Hard Copies will be sent back to you via FedEx Overnight or by 2 Day Priority back to you. We can also get your case out for service if its filed in our service area. We file in all East Tennessee Courts and will have filing services in Middle Tennessee coming in late 2024. We also provide out of state Domestication service filings as well. Mail. 



We can assist with legal matters that can be intimidating and complicated. Court filing can be especially daunting if you're representing yourself or you're a small and busy legal firm that can't spare your paralegal to go file your suits.


We are available for pro se clients to file and serve their small claims suit in all Tennessee State Courts. We are also available to file for our attorney client prepared documents to domesticate, and/ or file without you ever having to leave home or the office.

Investigation Services



For many years our Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the process to locate slippery defendants and respondents possible.We will establish your need for skip tracing a debtor or defendant and align our efforts to achieve subject location and ultimately service, and proudly claim a closure rate of 98.2%. We pride ourselves on our ability to skip trace those who would seemingly disappear to elude collection or process attempts. Time is money! The longer it takes to find a debtor or defendant the more money and hardship it costs you and your client.  Our goal is to provide the best information at our disposal utilizing various databases, social media, as well as any and all other means available to us to provide a seamless location of a Defendant or Witness and effect Proper Service. 


We form a picture of our subject to enable service for our clients in an ethical and professional manner. Hourly rates for bulk skip tracing are also available upon request.



Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services is in a unique geographical location to spot and assist recovery of valuable assets.


We are located near a premier vacation destination, where come for relaxation, and when they do it's in luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, air, watercraft, heavy equipment, etc.  


We often identify those "living it up" while leasing and/or claiming indigence and inability to satisfy large financial judgments while you or your client languishes awaiting payment.



Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services offers Court Records research and will retrieve court records from the Tennessee Chancery, General Sessions (Criminal & Civil), and Circuit Courts.


We at Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services offer a professional mobile Tennessee State Credentialed Notary Public that will come to your location to verify your signature and identity. We notarize home closing, school records, perform I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, 72 Hour Apostiles and more. 

*NOTE: We are unable to provide services without proper, valid government issued Identification. We also are unable to provide services for anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of service.*


Notary Services


As Tennessee State Notaries, we also are able to provide Wedding Officiant Services for Secular type marriage ceremonies.  Additionally,  we have an Ordained Minister on Staff to provide Religious Solemnization of your Marriage if you prefer. Booking your wedding date and time has never been easier..Our appointments tend to book up fast, so we suggest you set your appointment far in advance to ensure your save the date. 



DNA & Fingerprinting Services

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Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services is now offering Mobile DNA Collection.  Appointments can be set either at our Gay Street Location or in Attorney Offices to collect DNA to establish or disprove Parentage for Child Support and Child Custody matters.. Working with a cutting edge CLIA, AABB, CAP, NATA, and ANAB certified laboratory partners Smoky Mountain Process and Legal can quickly swab your client's cheek  and have results back within 72 hours.




Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services offers fingerprint collection services. Our trained professionals will walk you through the process of inking your fingerprint and placing it in the correct location on the provided 10-card. We also provide the necessary materials to clean the ink used in the process.

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