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A Tradition of Integrity and Commitment:

Established in 2017, Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services is a multi-faceted and diverse Litagation Support Firm. Smoky Mountain Process specializes in providing our clients with unparalleled service. By working with Smoky Mountain, you have immediate and personalized access to get Process Perfected expediently, and with acute attention to detail. Our skip tracing capabilities combined with unique knowledge of the area provides you and your client with the best chance of locating even the most difficult of defendants.  All serves are memorialized on body camera to insure an "unchallengable service".


​Serving all of East and Middle Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Process and Legal Services has coverage areas that extend North to the Kentucky line, West to Nashville Metro, South to Birmingham, Alabama, and East to the North Carolina line. Extended Service beyond these geographical points is available upon request.



 We at Smoky Mountain are specialists in complex serves

  • Process for Detainers & Notice to Quit

  • ​Process Debt Collection

  • ​Registered Agent Service of Process

  • Skip Tracing

  • ​Property Management & Recovery

  • Court Filing


  •  Skip Tracing 

  • Witness Location

  • ​Records, Resources, & Retrieval

  • Mobile DNA Collection

  • ​Accident and Wrongful Death services

  • FAA Certified Drone investigations (June 2023)


  • Deposition

  • I-9 Employment Verification

  • Apostilles

  • Mobile DNA Collection

  • Mobile Notary

  • ​Remote Witness Oath Administration

  • Court Foreclosure Auctions

  • Licensed Marriage Officiant

Sustaining Member of the Smoky Mountain Paralegal Association since 2020

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