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Smoky Mountain in the Community

One of the greatest of Coaches and East Tennessean Pat Summitt once said "No one cares what you know until they know you care." Smoky Mountain Process & Legal Services has since its inception has believed that to be true.  To that end, Smoky Mountain Process & Legal Services staff has made it our mission in addition to the services we provide to our clients to provide services to our community. Long standing supporters of East Tennessee's Foster Children since 2018, Smoky Mountain has sponsored Operation Christmas Cheer to Provide Christmas gifts and festivities for over 500 children over 7 counties in the last 5 years.  Additionally in 2023, Smoky Mountain Safe Child Kits were developed to provide our regions parents with vital safety information in the event their child was abducted or disappeared.  230 of East Tennessee's Children were fingerprinted, DNA swabbed, and photographed at events across Knox, and Blount Counties by Smoky Mountain Staff. Smoky Mountain Process & Legal Services is also an ardent supporter of The Knoxville Family Justice Center, Sevier Animal Care Center, and various other charities in the area.



Christmas Cheer

This project allows those part of the Smoky Mountain Team to share the joy of Christmas with children in foster care. Each year we team up with a foster care program to sponsor children in surrounding Tennessee Counties such as: Knox, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Campbell, Jefferson, Loudon, Grainger, and Cocke.

How We Operate

Our team starts preparations for OCC as early as October. We reach out to our local businesses in our supporting counties to become a drop off location for those wishing to donate toys, clothes, school supplies, etc. We also allow those who can to donate financially. As a team we go collect donations for the businesses who were able to collect. Then we go out shopping based off the list given to us by our partners and shop for specific gifts for the children. On a scheduled day we are able to drop off the donations and bought items to be sorted and prepped for child pick up. We have been given the opportunity in previous years to see the children receive their gift. In December 2023 we were presented with the opportunity to play Santa and Mrs. Clause. It was a magical experience


Smoky Mountain

Safe Child Kits


In the Summer of 2023 our team was invited to a Back to School Event hosted at Foothills Mall in Maryville. This concept was created with the intention of protecting children should they ever wonder off, go missing, or be abducted. The kit is a simple collection of things that parents and guardians can put together at home: 

- A Recent Photo: It is best to update this photo every year

- DNA Sample: This could be a cheek swab or lock of hair

- Fingerprints: After the age of 6 months a child's fingerprints are fully detailed

- Information Sheet: Best to include details including physical description, medical information, any details in regard to the child that would be helpful to know


It is important to keep this kit in a safe and dry location.

Family Justice Center

Trunk or Treat

We were invited to this event by the Knoxville Family Justice Center, whose mission is to help End Family Violence. Our October 2023 Trunk Theme was under the sea. During the event we came across several kids of all ages who enjoyed our underwater themed balloons, streamers, and toys. We provided candy and small take away toys for each kid to enjoy, while still being cautious of any allergies. 

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